Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication

Our metal fabricators are highly skilled and experienced. Always striving for quality and on-time delivery, it shows in the work we do.

Being a custom shop, we manufacture a wide variety of metal products including enclosures, brackets, assemblies, cabinets and structural weldments. We produce repeat orders for customers as well, servicing mainly the agricultural, medical, food, automation and robotics industries.


Our team of welders are capable and highly motivated. Proficiency in GMAW, SMAW, TIG and carbon arc gouging gives us the expertise needed to produce outstanding stainless, steel and aluminum weldments. Precise fitting and finishing ensure our clients expectations are often exceeded.


Many customer designs require some forming to a flat metal part, and we are well equipped to provide this value-added service. Whether a work piece needs to be bent or rolled, we have precise machinery and skilled programmers and operators ready to give your product shape.

Sheet metal guidelines

We have compiled a handy guide with best practices to use when designing for manufacture. Tips like nominal bend radius and how close to put your holes near bend lines can be found in this PDF document.

Please send any metal fabrication and laser cutting quote requests along with CAD drawings or STEP models to